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Minelab E-trac Programs


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16 Expert Programs, Settings, Why I don’t use Patterns, Web Video + more

Make a Depth Ruler for Program “In Air Testing”

Targets Tested / Found                         Auto Mode           Manual Mode


 Roman Hammered Silver (21mm dia)        8”                              12”

 Roman Bronze  coin          (21mm dia)        8”                              12”

 Elizabeth 3d Silver             (24mm dia)        8”                              12”           

 Charles II 6d                        (30mm dia)       10”                            16”

 Victorian Penny                  (35mm dia)       11”                            17”

 £1 Modern Coin                  (28mm dia)       10”                            15”

 £2 Modern Coin                  (28mm dia)       11”                            12”

 Incredible Results “In Air”  You have to be fit to dig at these depths.

 Look at the Depth of Detection   obtained “In Air” - Standard Coil   using my Programs.

Experienced Detector users also  know that the longer a coin is in  the ground the deeper it maybe  detected due to the “Halo” effect,  localised corrosion etc)

 Are you Fed up and Frustrated with the Minelab E-trac Factory Settings? The Multi-tones   driving you Mad? After over 150 hours experimenting with all the Settings and Trying them   out in the Fields and on the Beach I have Mastered this Fantastic Machine. It’s Now Easy to  Turn this e-trac metal detector into a Turn On and Go Detector that makes it  Sound  similar to a  Tesoro.               

 16 Tried and Tested Programs that will allow Beginners, Children and Experienced   Detector Users to Start Finding Quality Items very Quickly (and Deep) if they are Buried  on   your Site. Fantastic at finding Hammered Silver Coins, Roman & others. + The E-book gives you loads of information that will enable you to get the best out of this machine. 100’ s Sold  

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Many Programs Transform the Signals into Clear Positive Sounds / Making it Sound Like a New Machine

Also Use Silent Search Mode !

+ Increase Your Finds on Worked out Sites. You will be Impressed !